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"this is an excellent alternative to mitts, I own a small boxing gym for all people, not just boxers, and it pisses me off when some one tries to destroy my hands on the mitts, I think to myself, shit, If this guy was a world class fighter and I get a chunk of his earnings, fine, I"ll deal with it,,,but for these mofus that pay peanuts for a membership and want to hit my hands as hard as they can, no way, I don't do mitts that often anymore, and this product is an excellent alternative" -Rene Armijo 

"These things literally saved my shoulders and have made me more money.  I was scaling back the amount or privates I was doing as my shoulders were screaming... now I can hold all day as long as I break it up with these." - MIke peseko, Owner/Head Trainer at RKM Training in Mrytle Beach

"They are definitely worth it, well made great weight and loops for your fingers...and yes I've used noodles with pvc, broom stick and pipe.  Time to leave the Dark Ages." - Vic Starita, Professional Cutman

"I did end up buying these and i love them. They work great"  -Jimmy Rivera

“These things are the best training aid in boxing, guaranteed.”
– Joey Valle, Professional Trainer/Co-Founder of VSL Fighting

This one of a kind design is patent pending so you can only get your hitstix with us, here and now!

Why Train With VSL HITSTIX?

We built our HITSTIX to increase speed, precision, and control. The smaller punch surface area challenges each fighter to hit every spot perfectly, in return boosting your precision and speed, making it the most unique and effective training tool on the market today, guaranteed.

We built our HITSTIX with everyone in mind.

  • The Boxer: Bags get old. Our HITSTIX force constant focus from the fighter, creating cat like reflexes, precision, and speed, all while protecting the fighters hands.
  • The Trainer: Those arms, shoulders, and body can only take so many blows. Our HITSTIX allow trainers to take less direct impact, so you can preserve your body, increasing your longevity and quality of life.

Everybody wins with the VSL HITSTIX. You’ll know when you hit it square, unlike pool noodles. Oh yeah, and they look awesome. If you want to be legit, you need to look it.

VSL’s primary focus is to develop top-of-the-line, original and innovative fighting equipment. VSL HITSTIX are the mark of true innovation. Our HITSTIX are designed with both the fighter and trainer in mind. They relieve pressure on a trainer’s shoulder and elbow as well as protect a fighter from hand injuries on impact.

A tough, vinyl finish at the top of the HITSTIX gives it strength, sturdiness and longevity. The adjustable strap and finger loops help with maintaining great handling capabilities, while the non-slip, anti-sweat grip at the base of the HITSTIX gives added support and control.

This new training equipment provides an increased level of speed and accuracy with its sleek design and reduced target area, making it one of the most unique and effective training tools in the market today.