About VSL Fighting

VSL Original Fighting Equipment is a fighter-inspired company fueled by the desire to revolutionize how fighters train and can be trained.

It all began one day when we, as fighters, trainers and combat sports enthusiasts, discussed elements missing from our personal training regimens. Soon we were brainstorming together, quickly transforming an ordinary Saturday morning training session into the birth of a new vision: creating the ideal training equipment to better our athletes.

We are not your typical fight brand company—nor do we want to be. Our team is constantly exploring innovative solutions in order to devise evolved, out-of-the-box tools for both training and competition. By directly channeling the perspectives of fighters and trainers, we are able to create the most effective, top-of-the-line products for our clients.

Our creative and unconventional approach to producing athletic excellence is now at your fingertips with a meticulously-curated line of forward-thinking training tools not found elsewhere. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel; we want to take the wheel to uncharted territories.

We are here to challenge convention. Defy tradition. It’s time to redefine the possibilities by fusing old school methods with a new school style. VSL has set the benchmark for a new tomorrow: unique, innovative, and original equipment.


Joey Valle

As a trainer and undefeated boxer, Joey recognizes the demands of training from both sides of the mitts. Having boxed since the age of 15, he holds undefeated amateur and professional records, has won the New York Golden Gloves, and holds the fastest Golden Gloves knockout record at just six seconds. His lineage in the sport is equally notable, as both his father (Victor Valle, Jr.) and grandfather (Victor Valle, Sr.) are prominent figures in the boxing scene. Joey weaves together his longstanding family history with the sport, fighting experience, and trainer expertise to contribute to the innovative ideas at VSL. 

Joey Valle Fighter Joey Valle Trainer 


Jim Lyman

Having trained at some of New York City’s premier boxing gyms,Jim has a deep appreciation for combat sports that stems back to his teens as he has trained under iconic boxing figures like Hershel Jacobs. He melds an old-school style with a business savvy sense, filling vital puzzle pieces for the VSL concept. With hopes to compete in his first sanctioned USA boxing match at the age of 52, he is more motivated than ever to design the perfect training and fighting equipment—aiming to prepare both himself and others for victory.