Warrior Princess Limited Edition Hand Wraps


All hand wrap purchases come with a *FREE VSL Handwrap Laundry Bag ($5.99 value).

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VSL Exclusives:

 Warrior Princess Limited Edition Wraps

Leila Leilani

VSL Collaborator

  • Queen of the Mitts and HITSTIX
  • ½ lawyer, ½ warrior princess, complete bad-ass
  • Empower-er of Women

Leila’s got it all – a first-degree black belt, a law degree and a right cross worth dying for. Her rare combination of boxing skill, smile, and smarts truly make the Warrior Princess one of a kind.

Leila strives to use her hustle as inspiration that women can have it all. Hitting the books as hard as she hits the bags, Leila earned a law degree all while coaching boxing in LA’s top gyms. She currently shares her passion for boxing as a founding trainer at Rumble Boxing, West Hollywood.

A percentage of sale proceeds will be donated to an organization close to Leila’s heart, GirlForward: a community of support dedicated to creating and enhancing opportunities for refugee girls who have been displaced by conflict and persecution. 

These High Quality All Cotton hand wraps are the most comfortable and durable you will find, guaranteed.

Includes free laundry bag with purchase 

  • Mexican-style wrap features ideal amount of stretch. Cotton blend provides breathable tip top comfort and safety while training and burning those cals. Thumb strap ensures ease of use with a hook and loop closure for a secure fit. Care instructions: machine wash. Length: 180"
  • Engineered For: Heavy Bag Workouts, Speed Bag Workout, Cardio Strike. Thumb strap ensures ease of use with hook and loop closure for a secure fit. Machine wash.
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