Handwrap Laundry Bag

Do everything you can to make your handwraps last even longer using the VSL Handwrap Laundry Bag. This handy wash bag is made of lightweight, nylon mesh material that can be placed in any washing machine for protection against getting wrapped or tangled with other clothing. The simple drawstring closure keeps handwraps secure so they don’t get tossed out during washes. The Ringside Handwrap Laundry Bag can hold two pairs of handwraps per bag.

  • Versatile wash bag used to protect handwraps during wash
  • Made of nylon mesh construction with a drawstring closure
  • Keeps handwraps safe from wrapping around other clothing
  • Prevents risk of tangling and tearing while be washed
  • Holds up to two pairs of handwraps (not included)

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