3-Layer Foam Padding vs. Injection Molding

3-Layer Foam Padding vs. Injection Molding

VSL Fighting Equipment offers boxing gloves with your choice of 3-layer hand made padding or injection molded padding.  But what is the difference between these two manufacturing methods?

What is 3-layer padding?

3-layer padding is a traditional method of manufacturing boxing gloves that involves stitching together three different layers of foam padding. The first layer is a soft foam that provides comfort and cushioning to the hand. The second layer is a dense foam that provides protection to the hand and wrist. The third layer is another layer of soft foam that provides additional comfort and cushioning.

What is injection molding?

Injection molding involves injecting foam directly into the glove mold. This is a less expensive and less labor intensive process and results in a one-piece glove with no stitching, providing a more streamlined construction. Injection molding padding can breakdown more quickly than 3-layer padding if inferior materials are used.

Benefits of 3-layer padding

One of the main benefits of 3-layer padding is the level of customization it offers. Each layer of foam padding can be adjusted to provide the perfect balance of comfort and protection for the individual boxer - softer, firmer, more bounce etc. The manufacturer can mix different foam and gel materials and densities to create the perfect feel.

Benefits of injection molding

One of the main benefits of injection molding is a lower cost. Since there is no stitching or assembly necessary, injection molding requires less labor and the material can be less expensive. Injection molding allows for a more uniform and consistent padding, as well as the ability to create more intricate shapes and designs. Fans of 3-layer padding will tell you that the injection molded gloves don't provide the same high-end feel.


Both 3-layer padding and injection molding have their benefits.  Ultimately, the choice between the two methods will come down to personal preference, the specific needs of the individual boxer, and budget. Either method when used by a reputable, high-quality boxing glove manufacturer will serve you well. 

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